#1 WordPress Scroller Plugin

Show The Real-Time Pulse Behind Your Business

Pulse Scroller plugin for WordPress.
Neatly display content, feeds, photos, videos, coupons and social profiles.
No programming knowledge required.

Display Coupon Codes

One of the very important features of this plugin is the option to display a coupon code to any user along with its expiry date.  This is an included add-on in this plugin.

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Show Your Social Media

Social media profiles and their feeds are shown to your audience in the popup generated just by clicking on it. Social media options are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest and Google plus. Keep your audience on the Pulse of your up to date social media updates.

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Display Videos

Video’s from multiple sources can be added by simply entering the source URL from Youtube, Vimeo or any site that provides a default URL.  You can check it by default URL which is another inclusion in the element.

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custom messages

Custom Messages

You can create any custom message above or below the bar of this plugin.  This can be updated through the mobile app and can be given an expiry date for the message.  You set it and forget it… another outstanding feature of the Pulse plugin.

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… and even more amazing features

Add Images & Sliders


add images

Display Custom Menus


custom menus

Attractive Frontend Display – Easy To Use – Excellent Features